Riad Hamai, Associate

Riad Hamai Obtains Summary Judgment in Supreme Court, Kings County

Riad Hamai filed a pre-deposition motion for summary judgment on the issue of liability in this action involving a motor vehicle accident, seeking to dismiss the plaintiff’s Complaint and dismissing all cross-claims against our client, Delaware Equipment Services in Supreme Court, Kings County (Golding v. HUB Truck Rental Corp., et al., index no.:  519624/2021).  It was argued that our motion should be granted as our client was incorrectly brought into this lawsuit as it did not have any involvement with respect to the subject accident. More specifically, we argued that Delaware Equipment did not own any of the vehicles involved nor did it employ any of the operators of the respective vehicles. In support of our position, we proffered evidence showing that Delaware Equipment was the former owner of a 1984 Mack Truck that had license plate number 10327PC (same license plate number as found on the truck owned by Raven Transport) before it was sold in August of 2019. At the conclusion of oral argument, the Court granted our motion and dismissed all claims as against our client.