Riad Hamai, Associate

Riad Hamai Obtains Summary Judgment in Supreme Court, Kings County

Riad Hamai filed a pre-deposition motion for summary judgment on the issue of liability in this action involving a motor vehicle accident, seeking to dismiss ...

Alex Johnson Prevails at Trial in Kings County

Riad Hamai Prevails at Trial in Kings County

Riad Hamai Obtains Defense Verdict In Richmond County

Douglas Domsky Wins Summary Judgment Dismissing Plaintiffs’ Labor Law Case In Queens County

Erol Gurcan Defeats Plaintiff’s Appeal In Pedestrian Knockdown Case In Second Department

Isaak Manashirov Defeats Plaintiff’s Labor Law Summary Judgment Motion In Kings County

Denise Bush Wins Summary Judgment Dismissing Plaintiff’s Premises Liability Case In Westchester County

Steven Dyki Wins Dismissal Of Labor Law Case In Kings County Before Defendant’s Deposition

Steven Dyki Prevails On Labor Law Summary Judgment Motions In Ulster County

Salman Malik Wins Dismissal of Kings County Property Damage Case

Paul Josephs Wins Defense Verdict in Queens County

Denise Bush Wins Appeal In Second Department Reversing Lower Court’s Decision and Dismissing Case

Ian Lane Elected As Treasurer of the New York City Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates

Sean Prendergast Prevails At Trial In New York County Labor Law Case

Paul Josephs Wins Summary Judgment Dismissing Complaint In Queens County

Jessica Erickson Wins Summary Judgment and Dismissal of Plaintiff’s Complaint