Aryanna A. Medina, Associate

Aryanna Medina Obtains Summary Judgment in Supreme Court, Bronx County

Bruce v. Tony’s Construction Products Corp., Supreme court, Bronx County, Index no.: 806990/2021

We were awarded summary judgment on an intersection auto case after filing a motion for summary judgment using an affidavit in support of our motion prior to our client’s deposition. Plaintiff was driving on the opposite side of the road than our client, waiting on a red light as was our client. Light changed to green and our client started moving forward when a car came barreling down the roadway to our client’s right. Our client was able to stop the car, but the other car smashed into our front passenger side, and continued straight across the intersection and t-boned the plaintiff. That car was stolen and the driver was arrested at the scene and is in default. Plaintiff testified and we used the affidavit from our client to support our motion.